Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
@Chart Token Color AttributeUsing a @Chart token under a color attribute of a series element now produces the correct color.
Action.Refresh Element UpgradeYou no longer get an error after upgrading the Action.Refresh element under Chart.XY.
Analysis Grid Color Spectrum FormatInfo now removes the Color Spectrum format in an Analysis Grid table column when you select 'No Format'.
Analysis Grid Saved BookmarksSaved bookmarks now retain the Analysis Grid column visibility correctly.
Analysis Grid Single-Series Chart PDFYou no longer get a chart error when you export a PDF of an entire Analysis Grid with a single-series chart.
Analysis Grid SQL ParametersSQL Parameters in an Analysis Grid with ActiveSQL no longer fail when you are aggregating a column and then grouping by another column.
Custom PluginYou can now use a custom plugin to update Metadata dynamically without receiving an error.
Link ParamsLink params with special characters in @Data tokens now work correctly.
Report HeadersYou can now use Report Headers with Rows > Row > Column > Division > Division > Input Grid > Input Date and not get an Object Reference error.
Series.Area Spline ChartColor attributes for a Series.Area Spline chart now resolves @Data and @Chart tokens.
Table JoinsTable joins now work when using Metadata URL with a @Session token.
Tomcat Dynamic ConnectionTomcat now responds correctly when using a dynamic connection in Linux with tokens.
ToolTip PanelThe ToolTip Panel positioning displays properly when using Divisions.

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