Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
Analysis Grid ChartInfoGo - Adding a chart to your Analysis Grid no longer returns an error.
Analysis Grid CrosstabAG - Crosstab Tables now display a value when the Aggregate Values column derives from the second table.
Analysis Grid FilterAG - Adding a filter to your Analysis Grid after exporting no longer returns a JSON error.
Analysis Grid FilterAG - Applying a filter with four joined tables now works properly.
Analysis Grid Filter ClausesInfoGo - Adding parentheses to filtering clauses in your Analysis Grid no longer returns an Oracle error.
Analysis Grid Sort OrderAG - Analysis Grid Sort Order now saves for columns with numeric names.
Animated Charts Action.RefreshThe Animated Charts Action.Refresh element now works properly in Info v12.7 and v12.8.
BookmarksYou no longer receive the 'One or more Columns or Tables are no longer available' error with respect to Bookmarks.
Crosstab Summary FunctionInfoGo - Crosstab Summary Functions with more than four joined tables no longer fail.
Gmail with HTMLSending an Email with HTML format in Gmail now works properly.
InfoGo ActiveSQL FiltersInfoGo - Adding ActiveSQL filters on columns with nested joined tables no longer returns a SQL Exception error.
InfoGo AnalysisInfoGo - Creating an Analysis with Condition Filters using joined tables no longer returns an error.
MetadataInfoGo - Setting NoAggregation=True on Columns in Metadata now works properly.
Studio 12.8 Home ScreenLaunching Studio now directs you to the 12.8 home screen.

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