Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
Action.Link Data TokenThe Action.Link Data token is now fixed.
Action.Process Wait PanelWhen using Action.Process, the Wait Panel will now display in the new window where the process is being run, instead of the current window.
Action.Report Enter KeyEnterKeyDefault=True on Action.Report now correctly submits the report.
Analysis Grid Aggregate Formula ColumnsInfo no longer loses certain tokens under the datalayer, enabling you to aggregate formula columns in an Analysis Grid.
Analysis Grid- ActiveSQLWhen using an Analysis Grid with ActiveSQL, you can now filter and group the same column, then choose a format of Percent of Total without returning an invalid column name.
Analysis Grid- Custom AggregationAn Analysis Grid formula can be added when a custom aggregation with the same name already exists.
Connection String Session TokensConnection Strings no longer return an error with session tokens.
Formula Help ButtonMySQL Formula Hep in Linux now works properly in Analysis Grid.
HTML Event HandlerHTML Event Handler - Pre-ActionJavascript works now.
Include Shared Elements Enter ButtonThe Enter button now behaves correctly when elements are placed under Include Shared Elements.
Link Parameters Special CharactersLink Parameters with Special Characters decode properly.
Metadata URLThe Metadata URL attribute in the Metadata now works for joined metadata.
Sort ArrowsColumn sort arrows now display correctly.
SSRM Calculated ColumnsSSRM - Visualizations in SSRM no longer fail sporadically with calculated columns added to a connection using Datahub (PostGresSQL).
SSRM DatasourceSSRM - Selecting a Datasource and Table in SSRM no longer throws an Object Reference Error (ORE).
SSRM LoginSSRM - Login is now faster with Standard Security and Session Start Event Logging.
SSRM Saved BookmarksSSRM - Saved Bookmarks now return a message when the columns are removed in the associated metadata.
Target.Report Scroll PositionThe Scroll Position attribute on Target.Report (under Response.Report) in a Process task now works correctly.

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