Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
Action.RefreshValues containing special characters in the Link Parameters are no longer cut when the parameter is passed through Action.Refresh and the Action element is located underneath a table column.
AG - ColorsColors set using Template Modifier Files are no longer overwritten by goVisual and goReport.
AG - Count Aggregate FunctionThe count aggregate function now displays the correct value at both the group and table level.
AG - Crosstab SummaryThe Crosstab Summary function no longer causes the table to disappear.
AG - CSV and Excel ExportsCertain edge case scenarios in Java environments no longer receive a null pointer exception error trace appended to CSV and Excel exports from the Analysis Grid.
AG - Custom AggregationThe Custom Aggregation function pop-up window no longer returns an error for defined formulas when using a @Session token in the Connection ID to dictate the source of the query.
AG - FiltersFilters are now applied to subsequent pages in an Analysis Grid, as expected.
AG - Resizing ColumnsYou no longer receive an error when resizing Analysis Grid columns on a touch screen device.
AG - Saved FileYou no longer receive the error 'StartIndex cannot be less than zero.' when trying to load a saved Analysis Grid file that you do not have the security rights to view.
DataColumnSummaryDataColumnSummary element values now display the SummaryRow and HeaderRow, as expected.
DataLayer.SQLDataLayer.SQL using an OLAP connection no longer returns the following error message: This version of DataLayer.ActiveSQL does not currently support OLAP syntax.
Enhanced Charting CapabilitiesThis release offers enhanced functionality of the latest charting library, new attributes, and modules to customize chart behavior.
Event Element ID FilterThe Event Element ID Filter attribute now works as expected.
Global FiltersCase-sensitive attributes in the Analysis filter now work with global filters, as expected.
Google FontsExporting a report that uses Google Fonts now renders the Java PDF page number/count correctly.
Input Check Box ListYou no longer receive an error when using the default request parameter for Input Check Box List.
macOS BigSur.Net and Java versions now behave the same when downloading CSVs with Safari on macOS BigSur.
MetadataInfo no longer displays an error when using a plugin that creates metadata files based on a user's security group.
MoreInfoRowYou can now close inputDate when editing a date in the MoreInfoRow element.
PD4ML TagsYou can no longer add and execute PD4ML tags in column names, as they have been disabled by the engine.
Procedure.CopyProcedure.Copy file is now listed as a possible child element of Procedure.If and Procedure.Else.
Procedure.ExportAdding more than one Procedure.Export elements underneath a Procedure.If element no longer returns an ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ error when the process is run with the Scheduler.
Rapid Excel Export Token ResolutionRapid Excel Export now supports token resolution.
ReportsInfo no longer displays XSLT compile errors when you run reports containing a Dashboard and Crosstab.
Resizable ColumnsUpdated column widths no longer revert after a page refresh.
Scheduled TasksThe Crosstab Summary function no longer causes the table to disappear.
ShowModeMultiple maps in a popup panel with one ShowMode division set as ‘None’ now render properly. Additionally, you can now show the hidden map by switching to Action.Show without receiving a JavaScript error in the FusionCharts library.
SSRM - Analysis Grid Template Modifier FilesAnalysis Grid Template Modifier Files are now applied properly after refreshing existing bookmarks.
SSRM - Local DataLocal data in Dashboard is no longer called twice when running on an SSRM application.
SSRM - Report AuthorThe Report Author Color Picker pop-up now renders in the correct position in v12.7.
Studio Documentation LinksAll documentation links from Logi Studio v12.8 SP3 and v14 now resolve correctly.
ThumbnailsThumbnails now work with File to Database Mapping-stored visuals after the application is deployed elsewhere, as expected.
Tokenized ColorsTokenized colors now work in the legend's color box when the Crosstab chart has only one Crosstab Value column.
W3Schools LinksThe W3Schools links in the Analysis Grid formula help page no longer return a 404 error when using SQL Server.
Wait PanelYou can now view the Wait Panel on both Target.Report and in the General element in the _Settings file, when Crawler Friendly is set to True while working with Action.Report.
Web ServicesThere is no longer a memory leak when accessing Web Services via a built-in Logi DataLayer connector.
Y-AxisY-Axis now displays values with tags.
AG - Table EnhancementsThis release provides additional flexibility to customize your Analysis Grid table including new configuration options to allow conditional grouping on aggregate rows, interactive paging improvements, conditional styling, the ability to reset the Analysis Grid, re-arrange sorting and grouping, and extended data formatting options.
Enhancement - AG - Pause Data Retrieval GloballyA new global constant, rdAgDataRetrievalPaused, allows you to pause data retrieval prior to opening a bookmark.
Enhancement - Configure Data Values in TooltipYou now have the ability to configure the tooltip to display values for any available column in the datalayer.
Enhancement - Control Aggregate Join ExclusionDevelopers can now control automatic join exclusion for aggregates in ActiveSQL at the application level using the constant rdActiveSqlAggregateJoinExclusion.
Enhancement - Customizable @Date TokensStudio now supports customized @Date tokens.
Enhancement - Dashboard Panel/Tab Max CountDevelopers and system administrators can now limit the number of panels that appear in a Dashboard, as well as the number of panels in a Dashboard tab.
Enhancement - Data Table Lazy LoadingInfo v14.1 introduced the Scrollbar value to the Caption Type attribute, enabling users to scroll through their Data Table results. This release extends the Scrollbar functionality to incorporate lazy loading.
Enhancement - Default IV Output TagAs a report developer, you now have the ability to specify the Output HTML DIV Tag attribute for all elements that are not set manually at the application level.
Enhancement - InfoGo - Rapid Excel/CSV Export GroupingDevelopers can now elect to include Group or Summary information in Rapid Excel and Rapid CSV exports.
Enhancement - Input Check Box List Item Count SearchYou can now dynamically control the Input Check Box List search box visibility based on the current item count.
Enhancement - Oracle 19cLogi Info and SSRM now support Oracle 19c databases.
Enhancement - Remove Empty Grouped RowsThe Target.NativeExcel element has a new attribute, Remove Empty Group Row, that allows you to remove blank rows from your Excel output when there is no detail data under a particular group.
Enhancement - SSRM - Match Boolean Format with Conditional ColorsThe conditional color filter logic was enhanced to consider the boolean format.
Enhancement - SSRM - No Data Access PermissionYour dashboard now displays a unified error prompt when you do not have the necessary data access permissions.
Enhancement - SSRM - Scheduler Last Day of the Month(s)Scheduler now supports running tasks on the last day of the month(s) when operating on a monthly cadence.
Enhancement - SSRM - Set Default Time ZoneSSRM v14.0 introduced the ability to customize the time zone when scheduling reports. Now, you can set a default time zone for your scheduled reports using Template Modifier Files (TMF).
Enhancement - SSRM - Specify Components for Scheduled ReportsA new configuration option is available in SSRM's Report Author that allows you to exclude objects from scheduled tasks.
Enhancement - SSRM/AG - Customizable Sliding Date OptionsYou can now customize your Sliding Date options when filtering an analysis by date/time.
Enhancement - SSRM/AG - Display Values for Additional ColumnsCharts that utilize an Additional Column can now display their value on the chart.

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