Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
AG - Aggregate FiltersAggregate filters that utilize a column with a distinct count now work while using date range comparison in the filter.
AG - DateTime ColumnTime is now respected when filtering an Analysis Grid report by a DateTime column that uses time as part of the filter criteria.
Chart Drill DownChart drill down using action.link does now functions properly when secure key is turned on.
DMF WorkaroundAn issue with sorting and then removing one or more formulas in shared bookmarks has been resolved.
Group DrillthroughThe Group Drill Through element of Chart Canvas now works as expected in Info v14.
rdGroupEndRowTable grouping with rdGroupEndRow now persists even after cache times out.
SSRM - DashboardThe size of the table added to a Dashboard is not modified when the blank area in the panel is selected.
SSRM - Global FiltersGlobal filters now work, as expected, when applying an aggregate filter to a table and adding it to your Visual Gallery.

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