Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
AG - ExcelColumnFormat ElementThe ExcelFormat attribute of the ExcelColumnFormat element now saves both new and existing Analysis Grid reports when the rdAGDisableExcelAutoFormats constant is set to True.
AG - Filters Using a filter after pausing data retrieval in your Analysis Grid no longer causes an error.
AG - Panel Visual DescriptionThe Panel Visual Description now saves to the Gallery file and displays when adding the visual to a Report or Dashboard.
AG - simpleReplace FilterThe simpleReplace AG filter function no longer triggers a ‘bookmark file not found’ error message.
AG/SSRM - Definition Modifier Files (DMF)Existing Analyses no longer display an error when the DMF used to hide grouping is re-enabled.
AG/SSRM - rdRememberSort You no longer receive an error message when using rdRememberSort in SSRM or AG.
Author Report and SchedulerExporting to Excel via Author Report and Scheduler now returns consistent results across both methods.
Chart Drill DownChart drill down using Action.link now functions properly when secure key is turned on.
CheckBox List BranchCheckBox List Branch behaves as expected after multiple selections of child elements.
Gauge AngularGauge Angular now displays ring colors, as expected.
InputSelect and InputCheckboxInputSelect and InputCheckbox now display properly when used under a division element with a condition that uses a @Data token from the table’s data.
Java Connection ErrorYou no longer receive a ‘Connection is already open’ error when using bookmarks stored in a database in Info v14.2 in a Java environment.
Link ParameterSelecting ‘Refresh’ no longer causes the value of the local data layer to encode spaces as %20.
SSRM/AG - Login Page RedirectYou are no longer redirected to the login page without a message when your SSRM or AG fails to load properly.
Enhancement - Add Tooltip Outside ChartThe attribute 'Tooltip Outside' allows you to render the tooltip outside of the chart's area.
Enhancement - AG - Update Dashboard Panel TitleThe new application-level constant, rdUpdatePanelTitleWithChartCaption, enables the Dashboard Panel Title to update automatically according to edits that affect the Visualization Title.
Enhancement - AG/SSRM - Data Tale DrillthroughThe Analysis Grid in SSRM now offers drillthrough capabilities.
Enhancement - AG/SSRM - midpointRounding ParameterThe Round function includes an additional parameter, midpointRounding.
Enhancement - AG/SSRM - Scheduling on Rapid Excel ExportYou can now select the 'Rapid' option for Excel output when scheduling an Analysis Grid report.
Enhancement - AG/SSRM - Value Quick FilterWhen applying a filter, the list of available values now incorporates a 'Quick Filter'.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Legend Filter ConfigurationThis enhancement allows you to disable Canvas Chart legend filtering while maintaining the display of a legend.
Enhancement - Formatted Column with Rapid Excel ExportThe Excel Format attribute now includes 'Yes/No', 'On/Off', and 'True/False' values to enable formatting on the boolean column when exporting via Rapid Excel.
Enhancement - High Chart EnhancementsLogi Info v23.1 leverages enhanced functionality of the latest high chart library, adding new elements, attributes, and modules to expose out-of-the-box options to customize charts' behavior.
Enhancement - Legend Show All Button CustomizationThe Chart Canvas Legend element includes three new attributes that allow you to customize the appearance of the of the Show All button.
Enhancement - Log4J Log Message MappingA new application level constant, rdLogFillLevelMessage, controls the grouping of similar Events to provide additional structure to the log information, while removing redundant information in the Debugger Trace Report.
Enhancement - Store Log Files in DatabaseYou can now store log information in a database, as opposed to the traditional logging system.
Enhancement - Thumbnail CachingThe thumbnail caching mechanism was enhanced, resulting in reduced load times when opening your Visual Gallery. This optimization does not require any additional configuration.

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