Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
AG - Analysis GridYour Analysis Grid table header now displays as expected in a Dashboard or Report.
AG - Analysis GridYou no longer receive a JSON error in your Analysis Grid after exporting a report and applying an additional filter.
AG - Data TabWhen the constant rdDisableMetadataColumn is set to 'True', the Analysis Grid will use live metadata when you apply changes to the Data tab.
BookmarksBookmarks now retain their filter when you add an Analysis Filter and save your changes.
BookmarksYou can now utilize the ‘Add to Gallery’ and ‘Export’ options in a shared bookmark when using 12.8 SSRM with the Logi Info v14 engine.
Chart Canvas ChartsSecondary X or Y Axis in Chart Canvas Charts now display properly.
ColumnsYou can now use an ampersand in column names without receiving an XML error.
Cross-domain EmbedddingThe CORS issue with rdScript.min.js for cross-domain embedded Logi Info v14.0 SP1 applications has been resolved.
DashboardThe panel filter and global filter now work as expected when re-opening a dashboard from your Home page.
DatasetsThe Friendly Name of the Join in the Live Metadata now takes precedence for Join selections.
Drill ToDrilling to a chart with forecast definition no longer produces an unexpected column in the Drill To column list.
EmbeddingYou can now use ‘inputCheckboxList’ in an embedded application after upgrading to 14.0-SP1.
ExportingGroup Header Rows with DataColumns greater than 11 no longer return an error when exporting to Excel.
ExportingExporting a table to Excel/CSV no longer throws an ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ error when the dashboard contains a chart and a table.
InfoGoWhen selecting Metadata, InfoGo no longer displays duplicate table names after selecting the ‘Apply Column Selection' button.
LicensingThe trial license prompt now works appropriately in Logi Studio v14.
SSRM - Analysis GridYou can now add an aggregate to your Analysis Grid table with joins without the Analysis Filter displaying an invalid column name error.
SSRM - DashboardAdding a crosstab gallery file to your dashboard no longer returns an error.
SSRM - Pie ChartsThe Pie Chart format now displays as expected when applying an Analysis Grid that uses a Data Column with a custom format containing a percentage value to an Author Dashboard/Report.

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