Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
Action - AddBookmarkAction.AddBookmark now saves Security Right IDs to the bookmark gallery file.
Action - RefreshData table columns within an Analysis Grid no longer shrink when performing an action that refreshes the table.
Action.Javascript - TokensThe @Chart token is now evaluated correctly when used inside Action.Javascript under charts.
Action.Process - MessageThe confirmation message defined for Action.Process will now display properly.
ActiveSQL - MetadataThe SQL Server query has been enhanced to improve performance when aggregating numeric columns that have been defined as text in the metadata.
ActiveSQL - TokensThe Page Row Count attribute in the Interactive Paging element can now be set using a token.
Analysis Filter - CalculationsFormula Columns will no longer cause the filter pick list to display without any records.
Analysis Filter - IDThe Analysis Filter's Remove All button now has a unique id to facilitate language translations.
Analysis Filter - InputPipe (|) characters will no longer be converted to commas when included in an Analysis Grid Filter using ActiveSQL.
Analysis Grid - ActiveSQLA new CompareColumn attribute has been added to the SQLCompareFilter element to enable filters where columns are compared to other columns.
Analysis Grid - ActiveSQLAn index query has been added to determine the best column(s) to use for the default sort for Analysis Grid tables in SQL Server. To take advantage of this feature, ensure that the first table selected in the Active Query Builder has proper indexes.
Analysis Grid - Crosstab:Date type columns that are similar now display properly in Analysis Grid crosstabs.
Analysis Grid - Exclude detail rowsExclude detail rows in Analysis Grid with a grouping and aggregates on calculated columns now works correctly.
Analysis Grid - FormulasQuotes are now represented correctly in the formula.
Analysis Grid - GroupWhen grouping a column, then changing the grouping to another column, the column's popup menu is now properly updated.
Analysis Grid - SortFormula columns that are created by typing the original column names (i.e. not the friendly names) in the Formula box can now be sorted properly.
Cell Color Slider - ValuesCell Color Slider will now work with columns that include negative values.
Chart - CaptionsWhen a global filter is applied to a panel with a chart, the chart's X-Axis caption will now display properly.
Chart - QuicktipsQuicktip information tooltips now display correct values when hovering over specific points in a chart.
Chart Canvas - TokensLink Parameter value tokens now get resolved in Input Selection Point Event and Action Report element.
Chart Canvas - Y-AxisChart canvas now shows negative values correctly when setting the Fixed Scale Lower bound attribute under Y-Axis Element.
Charts - Series.BarIn Firefox, the hover color will now fully cover the bar of a Series.Bar Chart.
Charts - SubCaptionThe Date format for Chart Sub Captions will now display properly, using the format specified in the Format attribute.
Dashboard - Edit VisualThe dashboard Edit popup now only queries the selected list of columns instead of all columns.
Dashboard - Extra Gallery FilesWhen a tab is removed in dashboards with ExtraGalleryFiles, the panels that were on that tab can now be added to other tabs.
Dashboard - Free Form LayoutA dashboard using Free-Form panel layout will now refresh properly.
Dashboard - Global FiltersDashboard now applies Global Filters for empty values in a chart.
Dashboard - Group DrillThroughGroup DrillThrough will now work correctly when sourced from a Dashboard Gallery File.
Dashboard - PanelsWhen 'Refresh For Cancel' is set to true, dashboard panels now refresh correctly when cancelling an edit modal.
Dashboard - PanelsAn issue with a specific usage combination of Dashboard tab panels containing data tables and refresh elements, causing the width of the datatable to expand on every refresh, has been fixed.
Dashboard - TabsIn specific scenarios, renaming a Dashboard tab will no longer cause another tab to get the new name.
Dashboard - TooltipsThe tooltip that displays Active for active tabs on a dashboard has been removed.
Data Definitions - JSONLine Breaks in JSON data are now maintained when using the JsonData element.
Datalayers - WebscraperDataLayer.WebScraper will no longer throw an error when the Get Xpaths attribute is set to 'All' and more than a single table is present on the page.
Deprecation - OLAP ElementsOLAP elements are now deprecated. The list of deprecated elements include Connection.OLAP, OlapGrid, OlapTable, ChartGrid and DimensionGrid.
Display - Daylight Savings TimeIn Java applications, the time is now displayed correctly in date fields when there is a change to DST.
Division - TokensWhen an @Session token is present in a Divison element's Condition attribute that evaluates as False, the ActiveSQL Datalayer underneath will now not be processed.
Division - TokensWhen an @Session is present in a conditional Division and evaluated as False, the ActiveSQL Datalayer underneath will now be skipped.
Email - ValidationEmail validation now works correctly in All themes.
Event Logging - Multiple Application InstancesAn issue with running multiple instances of an application which used event logging has been resolved.
Export - Export to PDFRows are now displayed correctly when using Transit theme
Exports - CSVExported CSV will no longer be blank when the Analysis Grid is included under a Html Tag element.
Exports - Export to ExcelValues in the summary row of a crosstab table are now formatted correctly when exported to Excel.
Exports - Export to ExcelHeader rows in crosstabs are now correctly aligned when exported to Excel.
Exports - Export to ExcelCrosstab tables column names now keep their format and style when they are exported to Excel.
Exports - Export to ExcelThe title of the first table is now exported properly when exporting to Excel.
Exports - Export to PDFPDF exports with images in data table columns will now export successfully.
Exports - Export to PDF in JavaCSS Header Backgrounds will now display correctly when the HTML Div Tag attribute is set to True.
Exports - Export to PDF in JavaLabels on a Chart Canvas element will now render properly when a Page Break element is used.
Exports - Export to PDF in JavaData tables with a Header Row present now export correctly to all supported formats.
Exports - Export to PDF in JavaThe Chart Canvas X and Y values now export properly to PDF.
Exports - Export to PDF in JavaIn Java applications, when a SubDataTable element is used as the child of a Data Table Column, export to PDF now aligns all column headers correctly.
Exports - Export to PDF in JavaLegends in charts in emails now display correctly.
Exports - Export to PDF in JavaPDF exports of charts will no longer time out for specific combinations of elements.
Exports - Export to PDF in JavaWhen including a SubDataTable under a DataTableColumn, the export to PDF in Java now aligns all column headers correctly.
Exports - PDF export in JavaPrintable Paging - Page Header no longer inserts New Lines/Carriage Returns when the Page Header contains Divisions that are conditioned.
Extra Crosstab Label Column - Link ParametersExtra Crosstab Label Columns can now be used in Link Parameters under a Header Row.
Filters - Select DialogThe Select Value dialog for filters now works correctly when loading values.
Gauge - AngularAngular Gauge now works correctly when the query returns no rows.
Gauge - Bullet BarThe Gauge.Bullet Bar -> Plot Background will now fully cover the span of the gauge.
InfoGo - Duplicate ObjectConfirmation dialog popup now correctly displays the name of the Analysis Grid specified by the user when duplicating the report.
Input - Checkbox ListA more accurate error message, stating that only one Action element is supported under the Input Checkbox List, is now displayed when multiple Action elements are added to the Input Checkbox List.
Input - Checkbox ListInput Checkbox List now correctly passes values that include special characters.
Input - DateDate fields with reformat setting are now applied correctly to restored bookmarks.
Input - Date PickerSQL Parameter elements with the same ID as an element in the report now work properly with AJAX calls.
Input Elements - Checkbox ListInput Checkbox List no longer throws an error when a tooltip is supplied and the drop-down feature is disabled.
Input Select List - Default ValueLocal Data elements with Aggregate Column and Aggregate Function = "Concat" will no longer lose the last value when used with an Input Select List's default value.
Input Text - AutocompleteValues added and retained in an Input Text Box with AutoComplete will no longer have spaces appended at the end of multiple report executions.
Maps - LeafletLeaflet Maps now load properly and do not affect other dashboard panels when first added to the dashboard.
Metadata - Friendly NamesQuotes and apostrophes are now explicitly disallowed in the friendly names for tables.
Procedure - Send HTML ReportSend Html Report will now properly display HTML content when emailing a Gmail account.
Procedure.ExportToCSV - IfErrorIf Error is now properly triggered when there is an error exporting a report.
Procedure.SendMail - EmailsProcedure.Send Mail with a Bulk Email DataLayer child element no longer sends duplicate emails to CC and BCC addresses.
Process - Send MailProcedure.Send Mail with a Bulk Email DataLayer now works correctly in Java.
Process - Stored ProceduresProcess stored procedures no longer convert BigInt to dt-20 and return the datatype exactly as specified inside the stored procedure.
Repeater - SubReportsRepeat Elements in Reports run as SubReports will no longer be executed multiple times.
Report Author - ChartsCharts will now maintain their height when toggling between design and view modes in Report Author.
Scheduling - EmailBodyTypeIn .NET applications, EMail Body is now rendered correctly when 'Email Body Type' is set to HTML.
Scheduling - ExportStartup Process elements no longer interfere with scheduled exports.
Scheduling - PDFIn Java SSRM applications, scheduled PDF reports now honor the page orientation set.
Shared Elements - RemarkShared elements now work correctly, with shared element parameters being editable or not based on whether the elements are remarked or not.
SSRM - Analysis GridUsers are now prevented from using restricted columns in the formula field.
SSRM - Analysis GridIn Java applications, changing the selected column list after formatting an existing column now works properly.
SSRM - BookmarksIn certain scenarios, bookmarks in sub-folders are now properly visible to the designated users they are shared with.
SSRM - DashboardAn error will no longer be thrown in an InfoGo dashboard when the underlying table name has changed in the metadata.
SSRM - Home PageThe user content folders on the SSRM home page now display smoothly without flickering.
SSRM - MetadataVisuals created in SSRM are now 'aware' of changes to column formats in the metadata.
SSRM - UIThe SSRM UI now works correctly when bookmark names contain apostrophes.
Studio - Search Search and replace now correctly handles Include Shared elements.
Studio - Team DevelopmentThe Team Development feature in Studio is no longer supported.
Enhancement - Active Query BuilderWhen HideColumnSelection is set to True and the metadata has a column with InitiallyVisible set to False, then the column can still be used in the Analysis Grid.
Enhancement - ActiveSQLSqlTimePeriodColumn now supports FirstMinuteOfHour and FirstSecondOfMinute.
Enhancement - Add to galleryThe visualization editing popup panel now includes an Add to Gallery option, making it easier for users who edit a dashboard panel to add those changes as a new visual in the VIsual Gallery. To enable this functionality, the user should set the GalleryBookmarkCollection attribute in the AnalysisGridVisualizationEditing element
Enhancement - Additional Delete Option in InfoGoAn additional delete option is now provided for Analysis Grids, Dashboards and Reports in InfoGo that allows users to delete from the open object itself.
Enhancement - Analysis FilterAnalysis Filters and Analysis Grids now include the ability to compare a column with other columns.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid AggregationsAnalysis Grid now provides the ability to define custom aggregations for a column. This allows users to create cross-column and cross-function aggregations. The Custom Aggregate becomes available to the user as a new aggregate option in the Column Header Menu.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid DisplayAnalysis Grid now supports an option to merge duplicate cells so that groups of cells with the same value can be displayed as a single cell. This is supported via a new Column Header menu option. This is independent of any grouping or sorting performed on the table.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid DisplayA new option, "Hide Duplicate Cells" now lets users of Analysis Grid fine tune their display with collapsed cells.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid ExportThe Analysis Grid table column width is now adjusted to fit the content when exporting to Excel.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Filter ValuesFilter options that support multiple values now display user entered or selected data as pills.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Help FilesAnalysis Grid help files have been organized into database specific sub-folders under rdAnalysisGrid. As a result, all formula help page links have changed.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Link URLLink URL now works even if it uses a column in the metadata that is not included by the user in Analysis Grid.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Table Name DisplayThe friendly names for tables and columns are now displayed to the user in relevant areas inside Analysis Grid.
Enhancement - Batch actions in Analysis GridA new attribute, PauseDataRetrieval, lets users bundle a number of actions in Analysis Grid and then fetch the data.
Enhancement - BookmarksBookmarks now update automatically when columns in the underlying Analysis Grid change.
Enhancement - Crosstab Row Summary ElementThe Function attribute for the CrosstabRowSummaryColumn element, now supports "Max" and "Min" functions.
Enhancement - Dashboard Panel and Visual EditingDashboard panels and visuals can now be edited using the full Analysis Grid.
Enhancement - Dashboard PerformanceThe dashboard gallery file now includes paging to facilitate faster loads, and limits loading of thumbnails to when the list needs to be displayed.
Enhancement - Data DefinitionsData Definitions have been enhanced to support XML output.
Enhancement - Data Type SupportMySQL's DATETIME(6) data type is now supported.
Enhancement - Debug TraceThe debugger trace has been enhanced to show more details for errors in procedures.
Enhancement - Debugger Trace DisplayThe link to sow more detailed information has been removed. Instead, the detail information is always displayed.
Enhancement - Export Image sizeWhen a chart is inside a parent element and is resized, the exported image is now the size of the current chart inside the element.
Enhancement - Export to ExcelA new attribute, Excel Delete Blank Sheet, in the Excel Sheet Break element was added to rdProcessProcedure and rdExcel8. This excludes the default Excel sheet that is included in the export.
Enhancement - Export to ExcelThe GroupSummaryRow now has a 'Show mode' attribute. In addition, the attribute "Append blank rows" is now ignored when exporting to Excel.
Enhancement - Export to ExcelAnalysis Grid Crosstab Columns now default to Autofit when exporting to Excel.
Enhancement - Export to ExcelThe default Analysis Grid export to Excel will now export as .xlsx and include most standard formats set using the column UI. Formats that are excluded are timespan, expanded spaces, true/false, and alignment.
Enhancement - Fonts in Studio EditorsFonts in Studio editors have been updated with a Monospaced font for better readability.
Enhancement - FunctionsThe functions Function.Date and Function.DateTile have been removed from the list of suggested tokens in Studio.
Enhancement - Gallery to Bookmarks Migration UtilityAll Gallery items must be migrated to bookmarks as part of enhanced content management available in 12.7. A utility is provided to migrate Gallery items in InfoGo to bookmarks and can be accessed via /rdPage.aspx?rdReport=rdTemplate/rdGalleryMigration.
Enhancement - Geocoding With NominatimGeocoding and reverse geo-coding are supported with OpenStreetMap's Nominatim by using the Connection.Nominatim element.
Enhancement - Google SpreadsheetGoogle spreadsheets will now accept request tokens for the spreadsheet Name.
Enhancement - InfoGo Bulk ActionsUsers can now perform bulk moves and bulk deletes of objects in the My Items folder.
Enhancement - InfoGo Pause Data RetrievalA new constant, goAllowPauseDataRetrieval, allows data retrieval to be paused when performing multiple actions in Analysis Grid.
Enhancement - InfoGo SchedulingThe Schedule Manager page has been updated to allow deleting of schedules whose underlying bookmarks have been deleted.
Enhancement - InfoGo VisualizationsVisualizations in InfoGo are now stored as bookmarks. This results in an enhanced content management experience in InfoGo, where all visualizations are now accessible in a new folder in InfoGo rather than exclusively via the Visual Gallery Page. These visualizations can now be shared, edited, deleted and moved to other folders.
Enhancement - Input Text Delimiter ElementA new element, InputTextDelimiter, allows users to define list separators for the Input Text element.
Enhancement - MetadataThe metadata has been enhanced to support the use of Definition Modifier Files. This feature can be leveraged for several uses, like translations.
Enhancement - MetadataWhen changes are made to the metadata, they are automatically reflected in Analysis Grid, Reports and Dashboards that use that metadata.
Enhancement - Metadata BuilderMetadata Builder's Connections List now lists metadata name instead of metadata ID, if available.
Enhancement - Metadata Builder ConnectionsThe connection in Metadata Builder will now show a fixed number of asterisks for password, rather than show a blank value.
Enhancement - New Timespan FormatA new timespan format displays decimal numbers as a timespan in dd:hh:mm:ss format.
Enhancement - Number GaugeA new gauge type, Number, for displaying the value as a formatted number.
Enhancement - PDF ExportPDF exports that contain repeating custom headers will now consistently calculate the space required between the header content and the first row.
Enhancement - PDF Export - JavaThe CSS property border-radius is now supported n PDF exports in Java.
Enhancement - PopupsPopups opened from another popup can now be moved around the whole screen, rather than just inside the parent popup.
Enhancement - QuickTip Row ElementThe QuickTip Row element now includes a condition attribute.
Enhancement - Report Author TextThe text in Report Author now supports internationalized date and datetime functions.
Enhancement - Report Author TextA new "Underline" style is now available for formatting text in Report Author.
Enhancement - Report Center attribute for Cluster URLA new attribute SchedulerProcessUrl has been added to the ReportCenterMenu element. This value can be dynamically assigned using a token and used in clustered environments.
Enhancement - Sharing List UsersThe list of users inside the sharing list pop up now excludes the users whom that the object has already been shared with.
Enhancement - StudioStudio now has GIT Extensions support that provides easy access to GIT when it is used as the application's repository. Studio users can use the feature to view history, blame and differences.
Enhancement - StudioStudio now enables filtering definitions by name in the application tree for trees with 20 or more nodes.
Enhancement - Studio Connection Element GroupsConnection elements in Logi Studio are now organized in groups.
Enhancement - Studio Debugger TraceTokens that are resolved to empty values are now logged as warnings in the debugger stack trace file.
Enhancement - Studio Element DisplayElements which have Condition or IncludeCondition attributes specified are highlighted with a diamond after the element name or ID.
Enhancement - Studio SearchThe Search functionality in Logi Studio has been significantly enhanced, with a more streamlined search area, faster searches and improved ease of use.
Enhancement - TabsTabs now show the Wait Panel inside dashboards or standalone.
Enhancement - Token SupportAll attributes in Connection and FileToDatabaseMapping elements now support tokens.
Enhancement - Wait PageWait pages have been added to to the dimension's "Update Table" option and swap axes action in OLAP Grid.
Enhancement - Wait PanelThe Wait Panel element is now available in Settings under the General element. When present, it will be used everywhere a Wait Panel could be used, as the default for the entire application. New applications will have the element in Settings by default.

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