Logi Info Release Notes


TitleChange Description
Action.Add Dashboard Panel - LinkbackAction.Add Dashboard Panel no longer writes an entry to the bookmark file when the Bookmark Linkback child element is not present.
Active Query Builder - Column Visible FlagA Date column's Visible flag will no longer be reset when you click OK in an Analysis Grid's Data tab.
Analysis Chart - Fiscal Time PeriodsWhen First Day Of Fiscal Year is not specified in the Globalization setting, the Fiscal Year and Fiscal Quarter drop-down options will no longer appear in the Analysis Chart.
Analysis Grid - Calculated ColumnsUser-defined columns in the Analysis Grid now retain the format set by the user when loaded from a bookmark.
Analysis Grid - ExportAnalysis Grids containing multiple datasets and groupings on multiple columns will now export correctly to Excel.
Analysis Grid - FiltersWhen working with an Analysis Grid embedded using an iFrame, Analysis Grid filters will now perform correctly for all browsers.
Analysis Grid - FormatsFormats in an Analysis Grid will revert to the default when users select "No Format".
Analysis Grid - GroupsMultiple groupings are now properly displayed in the table after re-selecting columns in the Data tab.
Analysis Grid - Html ExportUsing ReportFormat=HtmlExport in the URL to export an Analysis Grid will no longer throw an error citing the "rdAfPickDistinct" definition.
Analysis Grid - InteractionsGrouping, then sorting now works properly for date columns with spaces in the column name.
Analysis Grid - InteractionsAggregation values for formula columns will appear correctly in certain scenarios involving grouping and sorting.
Analysis Grid - Interactions The Analysis Grid now works correctly with datasets with specific combinations of groups, sorts, aggregations, custom formulas, and data types.
Analysis Grid - Joined datasetThe Analysis Grid no longer displays an error message when there are no columns selected for a joined table.
Analysis Grid - Joined datasetThe Analysis Grid no longer throws an error for certain joined datasets with an aggregate and group from different tables.
Analysis Grid Crosstab - SortingThe sorting arrows in Analysis Grid crosstabs are now visible when batch processing is enabled.
Apache FOP - XalanThe Xalan library used by Apache FOP has been upgraded from 2.7.1 to 2.7.2.
Balloon Bar GaugeData tokens will now work correctly with Tick Label Format in Balloon Bar gauges.
Balloon Bar GaugeA negative Start Value in a Balloon Bar Gauge is now displayed correctly.
Balloon Bar Gauge - Label FormatThe Balloon Bar Gauge will now be properly displayed when a Balloon Bar Format has been set and the Value is zero.
Bookmark Organizer - SearchWhen searching in a bookmark organizer, pressing the Enter key while the search criteria input box is selected no longer opens the Home Page inside the Bookmark Sharing Popup panel.
Bookmark Organizer- Bookmark sharing Popup When searching in a bookmark organizer, pressing the Enter key while the search criteria input box is selected no longer opens the Home Page inside the Bookmark Sharing Popup panel.
Bookmark Sharing List - MongoDBWorking with a Mongo Find datalayer for the Bookmark Sharing List is now supported.
Calculated Column - Error CountWhen using calculated columns, a new constant, rdCalculatedColumnScriptErrorLimit, can be set to override the default calculation error limit of 100, allowing calculations to continue on a row by row basis until the new limit is reached.
Chart Canvas - Colors attributeChart Canvas Series elements' Color attributes now resolve the tokens @ Data and @ Chart, allow you to set visualization (bars, bubbles, etc.) colors based on data values.
Chart Canvas - Series.WaterfallIn Chart Canvas Charts, the Series.Waterfall now consistently displays values with a fixed decimal place format for the Y-axis data labels and Quicktip.
Chart Canvas - Spline ChartThe Legend now shows the correct color when using @ Chart tokens for the Color attribute of a Series.Spline chart.
Chart Canvas - Waterfall ChartsQuicktip formatting is being applied correctly now for the Total Bar in Waterfall charts.
Chart Canvas Data Labels - FormatData Labels for Chart Canvas charts will now display positive and negative values properly, based on the number format.
Column Header Class - PreviewThe Column Header class preview now works within the Class Selector tool.
Condition - JavaScript ErrorExtraneous JavaScript engine information has been removed from the error message produced when the JavaScript in a Condition attribute is incorrect.
Connections - Connection.MongoDBInfo now supports connections to MongoDB versions 2.6 to v3.6.
Connections - Connection.SMTPConnection.SMTP no longer throws an authentication error when using SSL-enabled hosts.
Dashboard - Analysis FilterUse of the rdAfReset parameter will no longer remove panels on other tabs.
Dashboard - DisplayUser-set column widths for tables in dashboards are now restored when redisplayed.
Dashboard - EmbeddingThe Dashboard now resizes correctly on initial load when embedded in a sub-report using Target.Include Frame Report with a Wait Panel.
Dashboard - PanelsSearch strings entered by users in a dashboard panel gallery are now preserved when opening and closing the UI to add or remove panels.
Dashboard - Pre-configured FiltersDashboard filters will now work correctly in specific cases involving charts added from an Analysis Grid with pre-configured filters.
Dashboard - ResizingFor free-form dashboards shown in read-only mode, charts now properly size themselves to fill their panel.
Dashboard - SSL OffloadingWhen using SSL offloading, editing dashboard panels will no longer throw a "mixed content" error.
Dashboard Panels - ExportThe user-applied sort order is now maintained in Excel exports of data tables within dashboard panels.
Data Definitions - Group Aggregate ColumnGroup Aggregate Columns are now available when working with a Data Definition.
DataLayer.SP - PostgreSQLDataLayer.SP will now work with PostgreSQL SP Parameters.
Date Picker - DefaultThe Date Picker element's default date will no longer override the user's selected date when the pop-up calendar is redisplayed.
Debug - SecureKeyWhen SecureKey identifies an invalid client address, that address is now displayed in the Debugger Trace page.
Deployment - SFTPLogi Studio's Deployment Tool has been updated to use the most recent version of Component Pro's Ultimate SFTP component.
Discovery - InstallationAll Logi services now start successfully after installation on Windows 10 Creator Edition.
Discovery - SSL OffloadingDiscovery visuals now show up correctly when exporting to PDF or when scheduling reports to be sent as emails in load balanced, SSL offloaded environments.
Email Elements - TLS 1.2Elements that send email have been updated to work with TLS 1.2.
Export - PDFPDF exports now function correctly when Event Logging is configured with RunSQL.
Gauge.Indicator - ExportThe Gauge.Indicator element will now export correctly to PDF.
Globalization element - Fiscal timeDevelopers can now use @ Session tokens for the First Day Of Fiscal Year attribute on the Globalization element in the _Settings definition.
Google Maps - TabsGoogle Map is now rendered correctly with Tabs when the default Tab Panel does not contain the Google map and the Tabbing Style = "Static".
Group Aggregate Column - Median FunctionInfo no longer throws an error when using the Median function in a Group Aggregate Column when null values are present in the data column.
Horizontal Bar Chart - Relevance DisplayAnalysis Grid and Analysis horizontal bar charts now show the top ten data rows correctly when data is duplicated.
InfoGo - Bookmark OrganizerThe Bookmark Organizer no longer auto refreshes when the InfoGo Home page loads.
InfoGo - Dashboard FiltersInfoGo users running a dashboard can now filter on values that were created in a user-defined column from the Analysis Grid.
InfoGo - Metadata Web BuilderThe Metadata Web Builder UI now retains the date format setting chosen when applying the same date format to multiple columns in a table or view.
Input Checkbox List - DisplayIn specific scenarios, Input Checkbox List will no longer show individual selected values instead of the total number of selected values.
Input Combo List - Excel ExportExcel export no longer produces unexpected output when an Input Combo List element is used under a Column element.
Input Radio Button - IDThe Input Radio Button now correctly appends the ID of the Label with the position value.
Interactive Paging - 508 ComplianceWhen using Interactive Paging with Location = "Both", the paging control input box label is now Section 508 compliant and screen readers such as NVDA will successfully read its content.
Logi Java - Analysis Grid Save and RestoreAn Analysis Grid is now saved and restored correctly after hiding/showing columns in a Logi Java application.
Metadata - Custom TableSingle-quotes in a custom table query in Metadata Builder no longer prevent editing.
Metadata Builder - Column FormatUsers can now change multiple columns at once to the same format in the Metadata Builder.
Mobile Report - Auto-detectThe Mobile reports auto-detect feature will no longer cause an error when calling a report.
Mobile Report - Passed Shared ElementNested calls that look for mobile versions of a report will now properly pass the shared element ID when switching to the non-mobile version of the report.
More Info Row - Detail rowsThe More Info Row element no longer excludes detail rows that should be visible in a drill-down report.
Needle Gauge - 508 ComplianceUsing a @ Data token in the Alternate Text value attribute of Gauge.Needle no longer causes the alt tag content to be blank.
Paging - ThemesThe default theme images will no longer overwrite the images specified for the Interactive paging element when a Logi Theme is used.
Procedure.REST - Connection HandlingREST API connections will now be closed once Procedure.REST completes, allowing subsequent API calls to be made.
Redirect Debugger Style - Export ErrorExport-related errors will now properly redirect to the specified page instead of displaying the Debug Trace page, when Debugger Style = Redirect and Log Errors = True.
Report Author - Image NameUploading an image that contains a special character in the file name now works correctly in Report Author.
Scheduler - Polling FrequencyThe Polling Frequency will now round correctly to the nearest second.
Scheduler - Task DescriptionThe Scheduler Task description is now saved and displayed correctly regardless of the User Culture.
Scheduler - TasksScheduled tasks will now run properly when they're status is updated from Disabled to Enabled.
Scheduling - PDF ExportsReport Center's scheduler now allows users to set the PDF export's orientation when scheduling a report.
Scheduling - TasksThe Logi Scheduler service settings now include a way to control the execution of tasks that missed their scheduled runtime. They can either be run immediately or at their next scheduled run time based on the setting.
SecureKey - PostgresSecureKey will now be stored correctly in Postgres databases in Java applications.
Shared Elements - ConstantUsing the rdSharedElementRecursion="True" constant no longer returns an error for Shared Elements in Java implementations.
Sort - DisplaySort elements, configured for multiple data columns and data types, will now work correctly.
SubReports - SortingData Table sorting now works correctly inside SubReports run with Sub Report Mode = "IncludeFrameAsync".
Tab Panels - Excel Sheet Break ElementThe Excel Sheet Break element can now be included as a child of a Tab Panel.
Validation - Validation.EmailValidation.Email now supports different top-level domain types.
Enhancement - Action ElementsAction elements now support a Class attribute.
Enhancement - Action.Pre-Action JavascriptA new element, Action.Pre-Action Javascript, allows running of custom browser-side Javascript code before the parent action is run.
Enhancement - Analysis Chart aggregationsMin/Max aggregation options are now available with crosstab charts.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Chart SortingAnalysis Grid charts can now be sorted using text or numeric label columns.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Conditional ColorsAnalysis Grid tables now support conditional colors as a format option.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Dual-Axes ChartsThe Analysis Grid now provides an option in the UI to plot data for a second y-axis on the same scale as the primary axis.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Formula AggregationsThe Analysis Grid now provides additional aggregation options for Formula columns, allowing the user to choose between calculation followed by aggregation and vice versa.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid MessagesThe Analysis Grid now provides additional guidance in the error message when removing a column that is in use.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid SortingThe Analysis Grid now gives users an option to remove all sorting from all columns.
Enhancement - Chart / Gauge AttributeA new attribute, NoDebuggerLink, is now available with charts and gauges to turn off debugger links for individual charts even when debugging is enabled.
Enhancement - Color Range ColumnA new element, Color Range Column, adds a new column containing color values that fall within ranges or have specific values.
Enhancement - Datalayer.DirectoryDatalayer.Directory has been updated to support wildcards for the Directory Folder attribute value.
Enhancement - Datalayer.RESTDataLayer.REST has been added as a child of the Pattern Block element used in Excel templates.
Enhancement - Debugger traceThe debugger trace will now list local and session tokens.
Enhancement - Debugger Trace PageThe Debugger Trace page now includes information from running template modifier and definition modifier files.
Enhancement - Debugger windowDebugger links will now open in a new browser tab.
Enhancement - Debugging security rightA new attribute, Debugger Security Right ID, enables users with a specified security right to access debug information even when debugging is disabled.
Enhancement - DefaultRequestParameters at Task LevelDefault request parameters are now available at the task level, in addition to being available at the process level.
Enhancement - Error messages in Process definitionsThe @ Function.Last Error Message token has been enhanced to include both the current exception and all inner exceptions for errors thrown in Process tasks.
Enhancement - HTML Tag Child ElementsThe Html Tag element now supports the Event Handler element as a child.
Enhancement - HTML Tag Child ElementsThe Html Tag element now supports the Conditional Class element as a child.
Enhancement - Input Color PickerA new Color Picker element attribute, Popup Modal, makes it open in a modal window.
Enhancement - Local Token IDStudio users can now use the ID of a local datalayer in the related token name, for easier identification.
Enhancement - Metadata Builder UUID SupportThe metadata builder now supports the UUID column type in Postgres databases.
Enhancement - New Conditional Branching ElementsThe following new elements have been introduced to enhance conditional branching when using processes - Procedure.Else, Procedure.Switch, Procedure.Switch Case and Procedure.Switch Else.
Enhancement - New Element Procedure.DataA new element, Procedure.Data, can be used to run a datalayer and return the first datalayer row.
Enhancement - New Element Procedure.Process TaskA new element, Procedure.Process Task, allows a task to call another task in the same or in a different Process definition.
Enhancement - New Element Procedure.XMLModifierA new element, Procedure.XMLModifier, enables updating of XML files from process definitions.
Enhancement - New OS TokenA new @ Function token, ServerOperatingSystem, returns the OS of the server running the Logi Info app.
Enhancement - New Token for ProceduresNew tokens have been introduced for Procedure.File Exists and Procedure.Folder Exists, that return True or False depending on whether the file or folder is present.
Enhancement - Percent of Total in Analysis GridA new format, Percent of Total, is now available for calculating percentages in a column.
Enhancement - Procedure.Set Procedure VarsA new element, Procedure.Set Procedure Vars, allows users to set variables and values that can be used for calculations and other purposes within the scope of a task.
Enhancement - Query Builder TooltipsWhen selecting a table, the Query Builder now shows descriptive tooltips with the column names in that table.
Enhancement - Rename Columns elementA new element, Rename Columns, now allows columns to be renamed in the datalayer to better accommodate databases like Redshift.
Enhancement - Repeat Elements ReferenceNested repeat elements can now reference parent repeat element tokens by ID.
Enhancement - Report Author ToolboxThe Toolbox provided in the Report Author will now "float" and remain in view as the page is scrolled down.
Enhancement - Run Shell CommandA new element, Procedure.Run Shell Command, enables running OS shell commands or applications from a task and handling their output.
Enhancement - Search Elements in StudioLogi Studio now has a mechanism for searching for elements in the Element Toolbox panel.
Enhancement - Template Modifier AttributesNew elements, RemoveAttribute and RenameAttribute, are now available under TemplateModifier to remove or rename attributes in a super-element template definition.
Enhancement - Wait PageA Wait page has been added to the Bookmark Organizer element and will be displayed when navigating between different folders.

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