Element Details: User+Roles.XML+File

Available in: Logi Info Source code name: UserRoles.XMLFile

The UserRoles element controls how the server determines the current user's list of Roles or Groups.

Use UserRoles.XMLFile to get the list from your own XML file. The XML file should return a list of Roles in the first attribute of each element. Multiple roles can be obtained either by having one role per record, or multiple roles can be comma-delimited in a single record.


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NamePossible ValuesDescription
(Required) The ID attribute is a pervasive attribute that uniquely identifies an element within a definition file. The ID needs to be a unique value within the definition.
(Required) The file specification for an XML file. You may enter either a file system location (such as c:\myfolder\mydata.xml) or a location from the web (such as http://server/data.xml). By default, the server will look in the project's _SupportFiles folder, in which case you can simply specify the filename (such as mydata.xml). The http specification is also useful for retrieving XML data from REST-style web services. When this element uses a Connection element, this XMLFile attribute gets appended to the Connection element's UrlHost attribute.


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