Attribute Details: SchedulerUsername

SchedulerUsername sets the account that will be used to run scheduled process definitions. This applies when using the Scheduler with Standard authentication or Session authentication, so that the username, roles and rights get set.

This attribute is not used if the scheduled task is saved with a username in the SchedulerRunAs attribute.

With NT Authentication, this attribute is not used. Instead, the Username is determined by the account set for Scheduler service.

To run a sheduled process with a different user, set the session variable "rdUserName" to the desired user. This value can come from a parameter passed into the scheduled process.

<Task ID="runReport">
<Procedure Type="SetSessionVars">
<SessionParams UserName="@Request.UserName~" />
<Procedure Type="ExportToPDF" Filename="myReport.pdf">
<Target Type="PDF" Report="myReport" />




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