Attribute Details: ScheduleXml

An XML string that represents a schedule. ScheduleXml specifies the schedule that initially appears. It may hard-coded to a specific value, or retrieved from a DataLayer.Scheduler, or passed in from a Report definition that has a Schedule element.

To retrieve from a DataLayer, create a LocalData element with DataLayer.Scheduler below. Set the SchedulerTaskID to the ID of an existing scheduled task. Then set the ScheduleXml attribute to “@Local.ScheduleXml~”

To hard-code the schedule, set the attribute ShowScheduleXml=”True”, then run the report. Make changes to the schedule with the Schedule element interface and see how the ScheduleXml is updated. Copy and paste the schedule xml text from the interface into the ScheduleXml attribute. Then set ShowScheduleXml back to “False”.

To get the value from a Report definition into a Process definition, set ScheduleXml to a @Request token with the ID of the Report's Schedule element.




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Procedure.Scheduler Create Task Procedure.Scheduler Update Task Schedule

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