Attribute Details: PluginName

The filename of the plugin assembly, typically ending in ".dll" for .NET or a .class file in a .jar for Java. In .NET the assembly file should normally be located in the _Plugins folder, under the application root. In Java a standalone .class file goes in WEB-INF\classes under the application root. A .jar file containing. class files goes in WEB-INF\lib under the application root.

You may also specify a complete absolute path to the assembly dll in .Net. This should not be done in Java.
However, the full name of the Java class including package is necessary(i.e. com.logixml.plugins.SamplePlugin10).




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Data Layer Plugin Call
Execute.Plugin Call
Generated Element Plugin Call
Generated Sql Plugin Call
Load Panels Plugin Call
Panel Plugin Call
Plugin Call
Procedure.Plugin Call

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