Element Details: Path

Available in: Logi Info Source code name: Path

The Path element has attributes for path or folder settings.


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NamePossible ValuesDescription
AlternativeDefinitionFolder sets another location to find definition files. This can help with web farm configurations or in other cases in which it helps to have definition files in a different folder. The folder should contain a _Definitions folder, and it should have subfolders for _Reports, _Processes, _Widgets and/or _Templates. Definition files are pulled from the alternative folder when they are not found in the current application's _Definition folder. Do not include the _settings.lgx definition file in the AlternativeDefinitionFolder. It must remain in the web application's folder. The folder can be a network or physical path. If it's a network path, ensure that the ASPNET process' account has network access rights. This is often done by enabling impersonation in web.config. You may need to set the Anonymous account to a network account.
The AppPath attribute specifies the URL of the application. This is only used to preview and test the application from within Studio. Example: http://localhost/myapp


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