Element Details: MySql+Custom+Bulk+Command

Available in: Logi Info Source code name: MySqlCustomBulkCommand

Normally you will not need to use this element since ETL automatically generates a MySQL bulk insert command based on the information provided by the LoadDbTable.Insert element.

Use this element to replace the automatically generated command with your custom bulk insert command. The custom command provided will be passed to the MySQL data provider for processing.

This element is only used if the LoadDbTable.Insert attribute Insert Method is set to bulk.


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NamePossible ValuesDescription
The custom MySql bulk load command to use. In addition to the standard Logi tokens, the following custom tokens are also available. The values for these tokens are automatically defined based on the attribute values of your LoadDbTable.Insert element. @Etl.BulkDataFile~ = Full name of the dat file to import. @Etl.BulkTableName~ = Table name to insert into. @Etl.BulkFieldDelimiter~ = Field delimiter. @Etl.BulkTextQualifier~ = Text qualifier. @Etl.BulkRowDelimiter~ = Row delimiter. Example of a MySQL bulk load command: LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '@Etl.BulkDataFile~' INTO TABLE @Etl.BulkTableName~ FIELDS TERMINATED BY '@Etl.BulkFieldDelimiter~' LINES TERMINATED BY '@Etl.BulkRowDelimiter~';
The ID attribute is a pervasive attribute that uniquely identifies an element within a definition file. The ID needs to be a unique value within the definition.


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Load DB Table.Insert


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