Element Details: Mobile+Dashboard

Available in: Logi Info Source code name: MobileDashboardIntroduced in: v10.0.259

A mobile dashboard is a specially-formatted representation of an existing dashboard, created using the Dashboard element in a regular report definition. The MobileDashboard element identifies the regular dashboard to be shared for this purpose, and it's only available for use in a Mobile Report definition.

Dashboards are frequently used to make it easy for users to see a broad view of a variety of information. A dashboard is a collection of panels, customizable by the user at runtime by adding, re-arranging, or deleting panels. In a Mobile Report, dashboard panels are displayed in a single column.

A mobile dashboard includes controls, which have been redesigned for the mobile device environment and similar to those found in regular dashboards, for adding, removing, and managing panels.

If the regular dashboard being shared includes tabs, the mobile dashboard will too, but their visibility will be restricted to a "current" tab and a navigation tab which is used to access other tabs.

Customizations for each user can be shared from session to session, using the SaveFile features of the shared dashboard.

Animated Charts, Animated Gauges, Input Sliders and Heatmaps are not available in mobile dashboards. So dashboard panels that have these elements are not included in the mobile dashboards.


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NamePossible ValuesDescription
(Required) The name of the Report definition file that contains the Dashboard element to be shared into a mobile report.
(Required) The ID attribute is a pervasive attribute that uniquely identifies an element within a definition file. The ID needs to be a unique value within the definition.


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Column Cell
Division Fieldset Box HTML Tag


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