Element Details: Master+Report

Available in: Logi Info Source code name: MasterReportIntroduced in: 12.1.188

A master report is a special report defined with elements to be included in most other reports. Master reports often define the header, left and footer bars for all other reports of an application.

When a master report is used with another report, the master report's elements "wrap" the other report's elements.

At runtime, the current report and the master report get merged together.

To use a master report, create a report definition with elements to be included in other reports. For example, a standard header area. Then, somewhere in the Body element of the master report, include a MasterReportContent element. This is where the content of other reports get inserted. Finally, in each of the other reports, add a MasterReport element which points to the master report.

Elements are copied from the master report into the current report to the same location as the MasterReport element.


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NamePossible ValuesDescription
(Required) The name of a Report definition file. The default value is the current report. For some elements, the value can be set to "CurrentReport". This builds the same report with the same data and sort order, which is especially useful when exporting reports. You cannot use "CurrentReport" within Process definitions or MasterReport elements.


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Mobile Report Report


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