Attribute Details: JavaPluginVersion

The JavaPluginVersion attribute determines which version of LogiPluginObjects to use in the plugin call. LogiPluginObjects is the developer API for the Info Server Java plugin system. Omitting this attribute will cause the original LogiPluginObjects to be used.

Specifying "Version10" in this attribute will result in LogiPluginObjects10 being used as the developer API. LogiPluginObjects10 has all the properties and methods of LogiPluginObjects, and also has additional methods such as addDebugMessage(), replaceTokens() and getSettingsDefinition().

Leaving JavaPluginVersion blank maintains backward compatibility with older versions of Info.

LogiPluginObject10 is located in the package com.logixml.plugins. The original LogiPluginObjects was in the root package.

This is also a value "DotNet" which designates a plugin written in .NET and cross-compiled for Java with Mainsoft Grasshopper.

This attribute has no effect on .NET Info applications, which have all the methods of both versions.




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