Element Details: Include+Shared+Element

Available in: Logi Info Source code name: IncludeSharedElement

A Shared Element can be referenced from other Definitions so that elements can be defined once but used many times. This is especially useful things such as standardized headers and footers. To share elements, place them under a Shared Element. Then go to a definition where the shared elements should appear and add an Include Shared Element.

Typically, set the DefinitionFile to the name of a definition which has the SharedElement element to be included in the report.

If the IncludeSharedElement is itself under a SharedElement, and the element to be included is getting passed with a PassedSharedElement, set DefinitionFile to a special value "PassedSharedElement".

The Condition attribute can optionally prevent inclusion of the shared element. Token variables may be included in the Condition, except for @Data tokens.

IncludeSharedElements are processed before LocalData, DefaultRequestParams and SessionParams. Do not use token values set by these elements.

Element Group:Extensions and Shared Elements


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NamePossible ValuesDescription
An expression that evaluates to a value of True or False. Expressions should be in JavaScript (recommended) or VBScript syntax. For .NET versions, the scripting language can be set in the _settings.lgx General element. For Java versions, the scripting language is always JavaScript. Typically, you would compare values using a token, such as "@Data.value~ < 0" or "@Session.ShowCol1~=='true'". Elements are removed when the Condition evaluates to False. Use quotes when working with strings: "@Data.myColumn~" == "SomeValue" If your data token may have a double quote inside of it, you should use single quotes: '@Data.myColumn~' == 'SomeValue' String valued data tokens with single and double quotes inside are not supported by the condition attribute.
(Required) The name of a Definition File. Definition files have a file extension of ".lgx".
The ID attribute is a pervasive attribute that uniquely identifies an element within a definition file. The ID needs to be a unique value within the definition.
(Required) The ID of the Shared Element.


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Chart.Polar List Item


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Passed Shared Element Shared Element Params

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