Attribute Details: GalleryFile

With the AnalysisGrid's CustomDashboardPanels element, charts and tables may be copied to a SaveFile to be added by the user later to a Dashboard or ReportAuthor report.

The GalleryFile allows the visualizations to be stored outside of a specific dashboard file, so that they may be copied into multiple dashboards.

There are two methods for creating gallery files.

This first method uses a dashboard save file as a gallery file, so the gallery has panels that have been added to a dashboard. This method makes it easier to add and remove gallery items by working directly with a dashboard. Set the CustomDashboardPanels' DashboardSaveFile to a gallery xml file. This file will be created and updated as the user adds visualizations. Then, in the Dashboard or ReportAuthor element, set the GalleryFile to this same file.

The second method gets gallery items from a report definition .lgx file which has its own Dashboard and Panel elements. The panels will make up the gallery items.

Specify the gallery file's full path and filename.

GalleryFile information may be stored in a relational database. See the Settings FileToDatabaseMapping element.




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