Attribute Details: DefinitionModifierFile

The DefinitionModifierFile is an XML file that has instructions to modify this definition file's attributes and elements. Attributes may be set and elements may be inserted and removed. This makes it possible to set culture or customer-specific values.

For example, you may want to change a report caption be different for different users.

<SetAttribute ID="lblMyCaption" Caption="This Caption Comes from the Definition Modifier File" />

You can set attributes for any number of elements.

The above example shows how to identify elements with an ID attribute. Alternatively, you can also identify elements with an XPath expression. In this example, we change an attribute the first InteractivePagine element:

<SetAttribute XPath="//InteractivePaging" PageOfCaption=" OF " />

For a more detailed list of modifier actions see the following DevNet article.

DefinitionModifierFiles can be in any folder accessable to the web application. When a directory location is not specified, the default location is the _SupportFiles folder.




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Definition Modifier File

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