Element Details: DataLayer.XOLAP+Query

Available in: Logi Info Source code name: DataLayer.XolapQueryIntroduced in: v10.0.31

Use a XolapQuery data layer to predefine a data view based on a XolapCube. When used under a DimensionGrid, the query sets the intial view.

A XolapQuery data layer specifies the dimensions that appear on the top and left axes. The order in which dimensions are defined for an axis determines the order in which they are displayed. For example, if a dimension showing customer location is given first, followed by a dimension showing customer marital status, the user will be able to drill down to a particular city and then drill down on marital status to see measures for each marital status in that city.

The XolapQuery data layer also specifies which measures will be displayed in the report, and can include member properties and filters.

Element Group:OLAP DataLayers


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NamePossible ValuesDescription
The ID attribute is a pervasive attribute that uniquely identifies an element within a definition file. The ID needs to be a unique value within the definition.


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Auto Complete
Dimension Grid
Input Combo List
OLAP Table
Xml Data


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XOLAP Query Axis Dimension XOLAP Query Filter Dimension XOLAP Query Measure

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