Element Details: Data+Calendar+Paging

Available in: Logi Info Source code name: DataCalendarPagingIntroduced in: v9.2.37

When DataCalendarPaging is added the calendar caption row shows two arrow controls < and > allowing the user to navigate to the next or previous month or week.

Set AjaxPaging="True" for AJAX-style paging.

Set RerunDataLayer="True" to prevent caching of the DataLayer information between pages, and to re-run the DataLayer to get new data for the selected time period.


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NamePossible ValuesDescription
Enables AJAX-style paging and sorting. When the user moves to another page, or sorts a column, only the table portion of the page is updated. This method prevents the web page from flickering or losing the scroll position. This alters the behavior of the browser's "Back" button because the page history does not get updated with AJAX Paging. The default value is "False".
Set to "True" when the DataLayer should be re-run when the user clicks one of the paging controls. This can limit the size of the information coming from the DataLayer to just the information for the current month or week. As the user pages, the following @Request tokens can be used by the DataLayer, typically in a SQL WHERE clause. @Request.rdDataCalendarMonth~ @Request.rdDataCalendarYear~ @Request.rdDataCalendarDay~ The default value is "False". In this case, the information from the DataLayer is cached as the calendar is displayed the first time and then re-used to show other calendar "pages".


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Data Calendar


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