Element Details: Custom+Dashboard+Panels

Available in: Logi Info Source code name: CustomDashboardPanelsIntroduced in: v10.0.151

The Custom Dashboard Panels element adds additional runtime functionality to AnalysisGrid, AnalysisChart, OlapGrid, and DimensionGrid elements. It lets users implant a chart or table into a dashboard.

With this child element included, charts and tables get an additional button to add the chart or table to a dashboard or gallery. When clicked, the user is prompted to provide a panel title and description. Clicking OK adds the panel, to the dashboard or gallery.

When adding to Dashboards, the new panel is added to the active dashboard tab, in its first row, first column. It's also added to the list of panels in the Dashboard Configuration page, complete with thumbnail image.

For the dashboard gallery, elements like Charts get dynamically generated images. Other elements like the DataTable, CrosstabTable etc. get a static thumbnail which can be changed using a template modifier.

The developer provides attribute values that identify the target dashboard to be used, naming its DashboardSaveFile. The CustomDashboardPanels element adds the new panel by modifying the dashboard save file.


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NamePossible ValuesDescription
Add to dashboard caption tooltip specifies tooltip text for the icon which adds content into a Dashboard.
(Required) Identifies the dashboard to be modified by the Custom Dashboard Panels element. Provide a fully-qualified web server file path and file name, with .xml extension, for the target dashboard’s existing Save File. Hint: this can be copied directly from the dashboard’s Save File attribute. Dashboard file information may be stored in a relational database. See the Settings FileToDatabaseMapping element.


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Analysis Chart
Analysis Grid
Dimension Grid OLAP Grid Thinkspace


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