Attribute Details: ChartLabelFormat

This attribute provides flexible formatting for displaying data values. Formatting is accomplished using a parameter substitution method. For example, the format:

{label}: US${value}K ({percent}%)

might display as something like:

Carrots: US$1,234K (45%)

In this case, {label} was substituted with Carrots, {value} with 1,234, and {percent} with 45.

Refer to the following for a list of formatting options.

{label} - Replaced by the Label Column value.

{value} - Replaced by the Data Column value.

{percent} - Replaced by the percentage of the current data point compared with all other data points.

You can create a line break (i.e. a new line) by pressing Ctrl-Enter in the Attribute value zoom window.

For Animated charts use a format similar to :
$ {Value} K
Note the spaces before and after the {Value} text. This works only for the Animated charts.




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