Attribute Details: AddPanelLocalDataIDs

This value specifies the @Local token IDs that need their values carried into the Dashboard panel

@Local token IDs listed here are normally saved in the Panel in a LocalData element with a Static DataLayer. This way, when the dashboard is run, the @Local tokens get replaced with the same values from when the panel was added.

To have the LocalData DataLayer re-run when the dashboard is run, set AddPanelLocalDataLayerIDs attribute with the ID of the LocalData element. This way, the @Local values can change over time.

@Local IDs listed will remain in the panel to be resolved by LocalData defined either in the Dashboard or copied to the Dashboard panel with the AddPanelLocalDataLayerIDs ("Add Panel LocalData IDs") attribute.

Multiple token IDs can be specified by entering as a comma-separated list.




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Action.Add Dashboard Panel

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